Hotel Pet Policy

Hotel Rules and Pet Policy

A maximum of four (4) dogs allowed per room.
Inspect your room upon arrival and immediately notify the front desk if you find any concerns. Failure to do so may result in charges for damage.
Dogs must be leashed in the hotel when outside the guest room and on the hotel grounds.
Dogs are not permitted in the pool area or in the restaurant.
Use the designated dog walk area when exercising your dog. Clean up after your dog.
Dogs must be crated when left unattended in room.
Plastic sheets – available from the Welcome Table in the Hospitality Suite – must be under dog crates at all times. Crates must be placed no less than 8 inches away from walls.
Sheets will be provided to cover bedspreads.
Hotel staff must be allowed to access rooms. Hang your “Dog Crated in Room” tag on room door when leaving your dog unattended in the room.
Clean up after your dogs. Waste receptacles will be provided throughout the grounds. Do not leave dog waste in guest rooms or outside room doors.
Dogs may not be bathed in guest rooms. A bathing area with warm water will be set up for your use in Mega Center. Bring your own towels; the hotel towels may not be used for bathing dogs.
Dogs must not disturb hotel guests. Noisy dogs must be removed or attended to.
Owners or agents are responsible for all damages caused to the Hotel facilities. Damages must be remedied immediately. Sections I and II of the AKC’s Dealing with Misconduct state that the show committee reserves the right to retain Bench Show Jurisdiction over exhibitors for leaving their rooms and/or the grounds in a negligent or offensive state. The entire Hotel property, inside and out, is considered part of the show grounds.