Health Testing

Health Testing

The Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust is auctioning off a copy of Grandeur and Good Nature at the Banquet!

All Health Testing Must Be Pre-Paid!

  • Fees are to be paid directly to the laboratories/organizations who will analyze the test.
  • Links for Optigen (PRA/CMR) and University of Pennsylvania (Cystinuria) with the discount codes can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • OFA Eye Exams must be purchased on-line below. If we do not reach the minimum number of dogs, your order will be refunded.

Remember to Bring Your Paperwork to the National!

OFA Eye Exam


Please pre-purchase and register for the OFA Eye exam.
Does not include OFA fees.

Out of stock

Degenerative Myelopathy Test


The MCOA Charitable Trust has subsidized a limited number of DM tests for MCOA Members. If you are an MCOA member, you can get 2 dogs tested for free.

You do not need to add more than 1 test to your cart. When you complete your order, a button will show on your receipt.  Click it to download a pdf with instructions.  Please read the entire instructions before going to the OFA site. 

If you are not an MCOA member but are still interested in testing, please use the following link to order your test: OFA DM Test. You will still have the option to bring the tests to the National Specialty, where they will be shipped with the other tests.


  • The Health Testing Registration form will ensure that there are sufficient supplies available for those who are having samples collected in person, as well as scheduling appointments.
  • Links and codes for additional tests are available below the form.

Sign-ups for Health Testing is now closed.

PRA/CMR Testing

PRA/CMR testing can be purchased directly from Optigen.

Single Dominant PRA – $82.50 (includes $7.50 OFA fee)
Single CMR test – $63.75 (includes $7.50 OFA fee)
Both tests on 1 dog – $131.25 (includes $15 OFA fee)

Discount Code:  MCOA18
(available 4/16-5/20)



AKC DNA Kits can be purchased directly from the AKC.

Pre-paid Kit:  $45.00
Standard Kit: $50.00 (when mailed in)


Cystinuria Testing

Cystinuria testing can be purchased directly from the University of Pennsylvania.

Cystinuria DNA – $50
Cystinuria Urine – $20

Discount Code:  TBD
(available TBD)
As you will not be billed until the tests have been run, the discount code will be made available after the Health Clinic on 5/17. All information will be posted on Facebook and on the website.

Complete and print the Submission Completion page. Bring the printed Submission Completion document with you to the Health Clinic.

If you are planning on bringing urine samples with you, please download the Urine Sample Collection document.

There are two samples that are required for the urine test.

1. Urine in a sterile collection tube - this sample must remain frozen or refrigerated. You can ask your vet for a sterile container or a red top tube blood vial the lid pops off/on easily. The vial should be marked with the dog's name, AKC #, and the owner's last name.

2. Urine swabs in a clean , standard business envelope. The cotton swab can be stored at room temperature for short periods of time, but should be refrigerated if it is kept for more than a week. The envelop should be marked with the dog's name, AKC #, and the owner's last name.