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Dedications & Actions

Please add any dedications or alternative actions in the "Order Notes" box during checkout.

Unawarded Trophies

At the time of purchase, you must indicate if you would like any specific action taken if the trophy is not awarded as initially designated. Any costs incurred as a result of alternative action (ex: shipping fees), will be the sponsor's responsbility. Any unawarded trophies without an alternative action will be auctioned at the banquet with the proceeds benefitting RFI, Health, and Juniors equally.

Out of Stock

Sponsorship is on a first come first served basis. For offline orders, an award is not considered sponsored until payment is received.

A trophy has already been sponsored if the "Add to Cart" button is not displayed or it is marked as “Sold”.   A trophy will be held in your cart for 60 minutes, however, it is not considered sponsored until you complete the checkout process. If an item disappears from your cart, it was sponsored after the 60 minute hold. Availability is automatically updated.