10 Things Every Mastiff Puppy Should Know


Instructors: Mary Speer and Becky Campbell


Please attend this seminar if you have or ever plan to have another Mastiff Puppy. We will cover the 10 things every Mastiff puppy should know by the time it is six months old. We will use food, encouragement, capturing behaviors and luring into behaviors to teach you and your puppy these very important 10 things. We will discuss how to teach your puppy each behavior and then how to maintain it for the life of the dog. This seminar is for you and your puppy (or old dog) to attend together. We will mix up the material to have short lecture times with plenty of practice time. Please bring your dog on a six foot leash, small soft treats and a toy your puppy loves. This is our favorite seminar to teach, so please join us with your dog and we promise you both will have fun.

Introduction to AKC’s new Trick Dog titles
After we have tired out you and your puppy in the 10 things seminar we will discuss the new AKC Trick dog titles and how to earn them. We hope to have time to show you how to teach some of the more complex tricks and we will if time allows.

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