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Reserved Crating


10×10 crating space.

Reservations are for the entire week; no partial reservations will be accepted. There will be no guarantee of refund for any space once it is reserved. Space sizes are approximate.

The Club reserves the right to make all decisions concerning assignment of the reserved crating spaces. Special requests, such as requesting to be adjacent to some one must be entered below. Every attempt will be made to accommodate such requests; however, the MCOA reserves the right to assign spaces as dictated by circumstances that promote safety and convenience for all. There is no guarantee of nearby electrical.

Reserved crating is available only through pre-orders.

Please note that reserved crating space is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, but that priority will be given to those who are Sponsors of the Specialty.

Reservations must be received by April 25th, 2018.