Catalog Advertising

Catalog Advertising

The National Specialty catalog is treasured for years to come as a reference tool and memento. It is a wonderful historical record of the great dogs in our breed. Whether or not you are planning to attend the Specialty, don't pass up this opportunity to promote your kennel, acknowledge your accomplishments, announce your club’s upcoming show, or send your well wishes to your fellow exhibitors by placing an advertisement in the 2018 MCOA National Specialty/MMF Independent Specialty catalog!

You must be an MCOA member or a Vendor at Nationals in order to advertise. All ads follow the same rules as the MCOA Journal and are subject to review and approval by the show committee.

Special Sections

We are very happy to be continuing the tradition of including two special sections with reduced ad rates:

1) Rainbow Bridge section, for ads memorializing mastiffs who have passed.
2) Veteran section, for honoring your old-timers.

These ads will be black and white and are available for the price of $45.

Inside Front Cover


Color advertisement on inside front cover

Inside Back Cover


Color advertisement on inside back cover

Color Member Ad


Full page color member ad

Black & White Member Ad


Full page black & white member ad

Rainbow Bridge Ad


Black & White Rainbow Bridge Ad for memorializing mastiffs who have passed.

Veteran Ad


Black & White Veteran Ad for honoring the old-timers.

Color Commercial Ad


Full page color commercial ad

Black & White Commercial Ad


Full page black & white commercial ad

Content/Ad Due Dates

Content: March 22, 2018
(images and copy)

Ads: March 25, 2018
(camera ready)

Ad Reservation Deadlines:

Early Bird: February 1, 2018
(reduced price)

Standard: March 17, 2018

Detailed Ad Specs

Ad Size: 4-1/2” wide x 7-1/2” tall
(27 picas x 45 picas)

You may send us your camera-ready ad (sized as detailed above), as a HIGH RESOLUTION jpeg or pdf or provide us with the copy and HIGH RESOLUTION (300dpi) image and we can create an ad for you.

Catalog Advertising Contact Information

All ad materials and any questions should be sent to Maria Ruoto at